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swings can be both relaxing and exciting for children, But swinging on a swing is more than just fun it also has many health and development Benefits. Swinging is the type of activity that helps children develop their gross motor skill, swinging aids help with locomotion, balance and coordination skills. Swinging gently develops muscle strength and fine motor skills.

Cognitive Benefits : For the very young or developmentally challenged child, swinging especially help with sensory integration, stimulating the senses through swinging gives the child's brain practice at organizing and interpreting spatial information, providing a foundation for complex learning behaviour later.

A Swing is the most beautiful gift you can give your child for development of sensory integration.

Don't worry if you don't have a garden, the swing can easily be installed in the ceiling or a door frame.

PLEASE do not let your Child Sleep in your Sleepyjays Swing as they are NOT Made for your child to SLEEP In they are made for relaxing an Swinging IN 

PLEASE ENSURE your child is placed in Bed to Sleep