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About us

Sleepy Jay's have been around for many years this I have found out from my beautiful Aunt she is now eighty that her grandfather my great grandfather made her one as a small girl back in England  hers was also made of canvas dowel and rope, so making these swings for my grandchildren  was a natural extension of my craft in restoring pre loved furniture and upholstery work. Having the industrial equipment and left over canvas material and with  some creative thinking lead me to making these colourful and functional swings. With my grandchildren being the right age I had all the ingredients  for making what I now call my Sleepy Jays Swings. name after my grandson Jay who always love to fall asleep in his. Making swings for  my daughters friends and families I decided to make and sell, Living in the country and lots of friends around I did not need much encouraged to start going to the local markets also adding a facebook page Sleepy Jays seeing the amount of interest we are now selling on the internet so all you interest mums and nana's oh and grandfathers take a look at our range of colours and designs .